László Lengyel

(English) László Lengyel (1950) is a Hungarian political scientist, economist and essayist. He teaches in the Law Department of the Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest, is the Director General of the Institute for Financial Research, and founder of the journal 2000. His latest book is Szorongás és remény (Anxiety and Hope).

A wave that will well up from the depths of the crisis

The year 1989 in East and Central Europe was the year of democratic revolutions, of reforms flowing into revolutions and revolutions infused with reforms. Ideas of national independence and sovereignty were combined with a democratic, European transformation oriented towards the West. A new history However, the first nationalist ethnic revolutions came along as early as 1990-1991, proclaiming another kind of regime change, secession and separation, and attacking national minorities. It began with a pogrom in Romania’’s Târgu Mureș, was followed by the break-up of Yugoslavia and the coarsely velvety splitting up of Czechoslovakia, and it ranged from Csurka’’s ideology of international conspiracy in […]