Uršula Kovalyk

Uršula Kovalyk (1969) is a poet, fiction writer, playwright and social worker. She was born in Košice, eastern Slovakia and currently lives in the capital, Bratislava. She has worked for a women’’s non-profit focusing on women’’s rights and currently runs the Theatre With No Home, which features homeless and disabled actors. Uršula Kovalyk’’s plays include Vec (The Thing, 2003), Maková panna (The Poppy Seed Spinster, 2004), Krvavý kľúč (The Bloodied Key 2005), Oktagon (Octagon, 2006), Dia de muertos (2008) and Squat (2009). She has published two collections of short stories, Neverné ženy neznášajú vajíčka (Unfaithful Women Lay No Eggs, 2002) and Travesty šou (Travesty Show 2004), and a novel, Žena zo sekáča (The Secondhand Woman 2008). Her latest novel, Krasojazdkyňa (The Equestrienne) was published in 2013.

The Beaver Rebellion

Photo: Peter Župník Recent publicity given to the case of a beaver attacking an angler, who wanted to take its picture and later died from his injuries, strengthened my conviction that people have lost whatever was left of their instinct for self-preservation and have become totally divorced from nature. I don’’t know what the unfortunate late angler expected. Maybe he thought the beaver would smile nicely and pose for a picture for him to later post on Facebook. Over a year ago a video that went viral showed a tragedy that occurred at a safari. A tourist climbed out of […]