www.salon.eu.sk is run by the Slovak civic association Project Forum.

Project Forum is registred by the Ministery of Interior of the Slovak Republic

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Our website started in 2006, inspired by the German portal perlentaucher.de, created by Thierry Chervel; this is  one of the most prestigious surveys of essays and feuilletons published worldwide. Initially salon.eu.sk offered daily updated reviews of essays and feuilletons published by the European and world press, with a special focus on the Central European countries, in Slovak and in English. We sought to create a forum for the formulation of questions of interest to us all and the exchange of intellectual impulses between Europe’s centre and its Eastern peripheries.  Salon.eu.sk featured texts that had the potential to offer new perspectives and original insights into global intellectual discourse, as well as analyses of cultural and political issues in the region and the world as a whole.

In the summer of 2015 salon.eu.sk suffered a massive cyberattack from a large number of IP addresses registered in Russia. Through painstaking work and help from our readers we were able to reconstruct the platform manually. However, it has not been possible to restore all the material and, sadly, we have had to cease publishing texts in English translation and offering press reviews from around Central Europe.

In its new incarnation salon.eu.sk presents selected articles in Slovak, by authors who are making a contribution to a new European discourse. The platform is linked to Central European Forum, a conference we have organised since 2009 every year, in Bratislava and other cities of Slovakia, in November, on the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. While salon.eu.sk is virtual, Central European Forum acts as a living, breathing salon where the public can meet writers, scholars, lawyers, journalists and, on occasion, exceptional politicians whose texts are featured on the website salon.eu.sk.