Andrea Puková

Andrea Puková – journalist, in the nineties editor of the czecho-slovak weekly Mosty (Bridges). In 1996 she produced the supplement Forum together with Marta Šimečková in the Slovak daily paper SME and worked for the weekly Domino-Fórum and in the daily SME. Later she became editor of the multidisciplinary quarterly Anthropos and at the same time of the monthly OS (Civic Society), editing it up to this day. In 2005 she was guest of the Milena Jesenská Scholarship Program of the Vienna Institute for Human Sciences for the series of talks on Europe.

Julia Sherwood

Julia Sherwood was born and grew up in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. After studying English and Slavonic languages and literature in Cologne, London and Munich she settled in the UK. She spent more than 20 years working for Amnesty International and later Save the Children. Since 2008 she has been working as a freelance translator from Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian and German into English. Jointly with her husband, Peter Sherwood, she has translated into English works by contemporary Slovak and Czech authors including Daniela Kapitáňová, Balla, Pavel Vilikovský, Peter Krištúfek, Jana Juráňová, Uršuľa Kovalyk, Petra Procházková, Radka Denemarková and Zuzana Brabcová. She is editor-at-large for Slovakia for Asymptote, the international online literary journal, and administers the group Slovak Literature in English Translation. She chairs the NGO Rights in Russia and lives in London.


Marta Šimečková

Marta Šimečková – journalist, interpreter. She published under the name Marta Frišová. After 1989, she became editor of Archa, one the first independent publishing houses in Slovakia. Later she became editor-in-chief of Mosty (Bridges), a Czecho-Slovak weekly Mosty and worked with Andrea Puková on editing Fórum, a supplement of daily SME. She also worked at Domino-Fórum weekly and daily SME. Since 2004 she contributes to the monthly OS, where she also serves as co-editor. In 2005, she received the Milena Jesenská Scholarship, offered by Vienna Institute for Human Sciences, to conduct interviews on Europe.