Miroslav Petříček

Miroslav Petříček (1951) is a Czech philosopher. Teaches at Prague’s FAMU Film Academy and in the Arts Department of Charles University. His focus is contemporary philosophy and philosophical reflections on the arts.

The art of listening to silence

Photo: Stanislav Vaněk Maybe it’’s the arts that subsidize the state, not the other way around, Miroslav Petříček tells Literární noviny in an interview on the role of the philosopher in present-day society. Kateřina Nechvílová: Do you agree with the current image of the philosopher in society (media)? Miroslav Petříček: Hardly, as long as people tend to refer to a “‘philosophy”’ of management or a “‘philosophy”’ professed by this or that football coach. Philosophy has nothing to do with strategy or planning. And it is just as much of a misunderstanding for a philosopher to regard himself as omniscient, or […]