Magdalena Środa

Magdalena Środa (1957) is a Polish philosopher, ethicist and feminist. She is a professor at Warsaw University and regular contributor to Gazeta Wyborcza and Wprost. In 2004 – 2005 she served as Ombudsperson for Gender Equality. She has written a number of books, including The Idea of Dignity in Culture and Ethics (1993) and Women and Power (2009).

More Truth, More Kaczyński?

The Poles Deserve More. Chairman Kaczyński’’s has come up with an intriguing election slogan. More of what, one might ask? More flats? Roads? Churches? Holidays? No, Chairman Kaczyński was quick to clarify it wasn’’t material goods he had in mind (he had promised plenty of those before) but rather values, i.e. something that can be promised endlessly. So what specific values does he have in mind? In the Chairman’’s view the Poles deserve more “‘honesty’ and truth”’. I understand that it is possible to wish there were more honest and truthful people in society. But what impact can the Law […]

Welcome to Poland, the New Middle Ages!

Welcome to Poland, the New Middle Ages! Although we don’’t have the Doge’’s Palace as does Venice or Notre Dame as does Paris, we have great tourist potential. It has recently been discovered in Krakowskie Przedmieście, just outside the Presidential Palace. Tourists today are bored; they have had enough of sights and monuments and crave something more. They need quality tourism. We already had a great opportunity to develop this branch of our economy under Martial Law. I remember crowds of French people arriving in Poland, allegedly bringing food aid but in reality wanting to witness tanks, ration cards, queues […]