Ivan Krastev

(Slovenčina) Ivan Krastev je bulharský politológ. Žije v Sofii a vo Viedni. Je predsedom Centra liberálnych štúdií v Sofii a šéfredaktorom bulharského vydania časopisu Foreign Policy. V rokoch 2009, 2011, 2013 a 2014 bol hosťom Stredoeurópskeho fóra v Bratislave.

A post-American Europe

The era of post-American Europe has begun. It is not a Europe abandoned by Americans or a Europe deprived of American security guarantees; neither is it a creature that is likely to vanish should the Republicans enter the White House in 2012. Post-American Europe represents a new geo-political order in which the Old Continent is no longer at the centre of America’’s strategic interests, one in which the decision about a new constellation of powers depends primarily on Europeans themselves. It also means that American obligations towards their European allies will depend on the allies’’ readiness to support US policies […]