Yury Andrukhovych

Yury Andrukhovych (1960) is a Ukrainian writer. He lives in Ivano-Frankivsk. He has published a number of novels, poetry and short story collections as well as many essays (including My Europe, a joint collection with the Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk ) and translations from English, German, Polish and Russian. His novels Recreations, Perverzion and Moscoviad have appeared in English.

Please keep an eye on my country!

I guess I’d better do something about my subconscious. I don’’t like my dreams one little bit. For a few months now they have been haunting me with an astonishing intensity and persistent regularity. They started around the time when Ukrainian reality itself began to resemble a total dream. And the worst thing is – this is a dream you cannot wake up from. It will go on for at least ten years, as incorrigible optimists claim. That is, at least during our current President’s two terms of office. But back to my dreams and the theme that runs through […]