Péter Nádas

Péter Nádas (1942) is a Hungarian fiction writer, playwright and essayist. He lives in Budapest. His works available in English include the film novella A Lovely Tale of Photography, the novels The End of a Family Story and A Book of Memories, the novella Love, and the collection Fire and Knowledge: Fiction and Essays. His most recent work is the 1,500-page-long novel Párhuzamos történetek (Parallel Tales). Péter Nádas has received the Hungarian Kossuth Prize, the Austrian State Award for European Literature and the Franz Kafka Prize.

The State of Things

The privatization carried out by Hungary’’s first democratic government, which regarded itself as the custodian of the 19th century ideals of freedom, immediately paved the way for the latest modernization of Hungary, following two previously interrupted attempts. The government knew what it wanted, yet it failed to take into consideration the legacy of dictatorship, including the shadow economy and illegal employment. Within this framework a secret, pro forma privatisation had already taken place, although it could not be de iure recognized under Kádár’’s legislation. What it basically amounted to was that local fiefdoms, based on profitable enterprises functioning in the […]

Wandering around the sources of trust

It must truly be special if it is something to which amorous couples, governments as well as trade partners attach equal importance. Looking from afar this phenomenon appears to play an equally significant role in the lives of people but also of animals both where it exists and where it is absent.  Moreover, not only do animals and people trust or mistrust each other or the universe, they both create dramatic situations giving free rein to two of their magic skills: mimesis and mimicry. They know how to dispel the distrust of others. They know how to abuse the trust of […]