Paweł Huelle

Paweł Huelle (1957) is a Polish writer of fiction, poetry and essays,Vice-Chairman of Polish PEN. Studied Polish language and literature, involved with the Polish underground press in the 1980s. From 1994 to 1999 he headed the Gdansk Studio of Polish TV. His books include Weiser Davidek (Who Was David Weiser?; 1987 /English 1991); Mercedes Benz (2001/2005); Ostatnia Wieczerza ( The Last Supper, 2007) and most recently, a collection of short stories Opowie?ci ch?odnego morza (Tales of the Cold Sea, 2008).

The Gift of Freedom

  I don’’t remember much in detail from those days. I forget how much I had to pay for a tram ticket or how much bread used to cost. However, what I remember perfectly well is that, as staff member of Gdańsk University, I was earning more or less the equivalent of 17 US dollars. My wife, our young son and I shared one tiny room. Only after they went to bed did I turn on the TV to watch the Round Table negotiations – or rather, a summary of them. I remember committees, sub-committees, discussions. I remember faces – […]