Mária Vásárhelyi

Mária Vásárhelyi (1961) is a social scientist and a regular contributor to the Budapest weekly Élet és Irodalom. She is the author of the book Deceptive Memories: Twentieth-Century History in the Hungarian Public Mind.

The radicals

All the signs are that FIDESZ [Alliance of Young Democrats-Hungarian Civic Union, the largest opposition party in Hungary – tr.] will again have to fight on two fronts.  Chairman Viktor Orbán’’s much-vaunted politics of one camp under one flag, first launched over ten years ago, appears once again to be collapsing, as the spectacular advances being made by Jobbik [Movement for a Better Hungary – —tr.] are forcing the largest opposition party to devote its energies not only to challenging the liberal left but also to launch an attack on the extreme right party. Not that those who set the […]