Jaroslav Rudiš

Jaroslav Rudiš (1972) is a Czech writer. His first novel, Nebe pod Berlínem (The Skies under Berlin) received the Jiří Orten prize. His other novels are Grandhotel and Potichu (Quietly). Together with the artist Jaromír 99 he published the comic-book trilogy Alois Nebel. The Archa Theatre in Prague staged the tragic operetta EXIT 89 based on a script written by Rudiš with Martin Becker and Jiří Havelka.

The Generation of Forgetting

We were sitting on the terrace of a traditional literary institution in Berlin admiring the view of Lake Wannsee. Somewhere on the other shore was the building where seventy years ago top Nazis, in a matter of just few hours, hatched  out a plan for annihilating a whole nation. Did you serve in the army? an Israeli literature professor asked me.  No. None of my friends have done military service.   I fought in the war with Egypt.  Would you fight for your country?  I’ve never thought about it. Probably, yes. No. I don’t know….  I was dodging the answer. Maybe […]