Jana Juráňová

Jana Juráňová (1957) is a Slovak fiction writer and journalist living in Bratislava. After graduating in English and Russian language she worked as literary advisor to the Trnava Theatre, later becoming an editor of the literary magazine Slovenské pohl?ady and freelance contributor to Radio Free Europe. In 1993 she co-founded the feminist educational and publishing project ASPEKT, which she still coordinates as well as being an editor of ASPEKT publications, the Aspekt journal (1993-2004) and many books and publications. She has written a number of plays, and has published several collections of short stories and novellas.

The Nation’’s Grandpa

Photo: Peter Župník I turn on the TV and hear the Večerníček [evening fairytale aired on Czechoslovak TV for decades] signature tune. As the picture of the kindly Grandpa comes into focus I wonder why the visuals seem suspiciously vibrant and expressive, and realize that the sing tune is announcing an advertisement instead of Večerníček. The advert is all about Grandpa’’s little house. A product offered by a certain bank has made its refurbishment possible. This is approximately what would have gone through my head, if I had really noticed that the familiar Večerníček cartoon intro, with which a whole […]