Ivan Klíma

Ivan Klíma (1931) is a Czech writer living in Prague. Between 1969 and 1970 he was visiting professor at Michigan University and following his return to Czechoslovakia he published his works in samizdat. His books in English translation include Love and Garbage; My First Loves; My Golden Trades; Judge on Trial; A Summer Affair; My Merry Mornings; Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light; and The Ultimate Intimacy.

Informing under terror

  We all had the chance to read a document that says that the student Milan Kundera, born on such and such a date, came to the police station and reported that a friend of his had confided in him that his girlfriend had confided in him that a certain acquaintance of hers by the name of Miroslav Dvořáček had asked her to store his  suitcase. This was followed by a search of the dormitory room of the girl who agreed to store the suitcase, Miroslav Dvořáček’’s arrest and eventually his trial that ended with a twenty-year prison sentence. The […]