György Dalos

György Dalos (1943) is a Hungarian writer and historian, based in Berlin where from 1995 to 1999 he headed the Hungarian Cultural Institute. In his best known novel, The Balaton Brigade, a former Stasi officer looks back at his life. His most recent books include Jugendstil (2007) and Der Vorhang geht auf. Das Ende der Diktaturen in Osteuropa (2009) [The Curtain Rises. The End of the Dictatorships in Eastern Europe].

A Peaceless Democracy

Hungarian democracy is in crisis. It is in crisis is because it lives in fear said political thinker István Bibó (1911 – 1979) in the summer of 1945. His aphoristic diagnosis alluded to two dangers: that of a restoration of the authoritarian pre-war regime and of the imposition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The second threat proved to be more real, not surprisingly, given the presence of the Soviet army in the country and the free world’’s acceptance of the post-Yalta world order. A few years later the Moscow-controlled communist party did away with the short-lived parliamentary democracy and […]