Daniela Kapitáňová

Daniela Kapitáňová (1956) is a writer living in Bratislava. In 2000 she published her successful short novel Kniha o cintoríne (The Book of the Cemetery) , followed by the detective story Nech to zostane v rodine (It Must Remain in the Family) and most recently, Vražda v Slopnej (Murder in Slopná).

A Slovak National Conscience

  I could never really believe there was such a thing as an absolutely clear conscience. After all, if for generations you were raised to believe that there are some absolute  truths, like white being legally more worthy than black,  you would betray your principles if, for example, you shook hands with someone who is black. You would betray everything that makes up our Great Inherited Values: Father, Mother, Cradle, Solidarity, a Festive Table, the Graves of Our Fathers. You would betray their and your own traditions, and would have to live with the burden of a sullied conscience. And now a true story that […]