Anton Orech

Anton Orekh (1972) is a Russian journalist based in Moscow. He is a regular commentator on sport and current affairs for the independent radio station Radio Ekho Moskvy and the independent internet daily Yezhednevny zhurnal

Milk for the citizenry and free bus rides for pensioners

I don’’t know if our authorities love me but I definitely love them. I love the fact that they care about me. And I love their sense of humour. Especially when Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin cracks a joke, that really is something! At a recent cabinet meeting Agriculture Minister Gordeyev complained about citizens drinking less milk and eating fewer dairy products. And Putin had a joke right up his sleeve: C’mon, treat your colleagues to some milk then, don’’t be so tight-fisted! The tight-fisted agriculture minister muttered he hadn’t brought any milk as he was not prepared for this turn of […]